How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views - 9 Strategies

Let's Talk About the Importance of Your YouTube Video Title (keywords: Youtube title and description, How to write a great YouTube Video Title?)

You upload a video and then you sit back and wait for the traffic to come to your channel. You don't do anything because you think people will find it. Sure, that works for a few people but for most of us, it won't.

    • There are many different ways that you can go about making your YouTube video stand out from the rest. One of the most important factors is the title. A good title will make people want to click on your video and watch it, which in turn will lead to more views and subscribers.

We all know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It has become a platform for people to share their thoughts, opinions, and knowledge with the world. The more views you get on your videos, the more popular you are. This article will teach you how to title your videos in order to get more views on YouTube.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views - 9 Strategies

A video title is the first and most important thing people see when they are browsing YouTube. It’s what grabs their attention and decides whether or not they will watch it. A good title should be catchy, descriptive, and informative.

The title of your YouTube video is one of the most important things you can do in order to get more views. It’s also a crucial part of how you rank in search engines, so if you want to be found on Google or YouTube, it’s essential that you take the time to craft a good title.

    • In this article, we will cover some tips and tricks for coming up with a compelling title for your video, and some tools that can help make the process easier.

1. Make sure the video Title is catchy

Titles are one of the most important aspects of a video, so it is important to make sure that they are unique and creative enough to stand out.

The best way to come up with a good title is to think of a strong keyword that describes your video. For example, if you’re making a video about how to make the perfect Biryani, then your keyword would be “Biryani recipe”.
Make sure the video Title is catchy

Title length should be SEO friendly: Your YouTube video title should be short and well-crafted ( between 20-60 characters ) to attract users. Include the keywords you want to rank for to be found easily by your audience. A shorter title has less chance of being cut off by YouTube's character display limit.

    1. Keep it short and catchy: The longer your title is, the less likely people will want to click on it because they won't want to read all of that text.
    2. Include the keyword in the title: If you are going to be talking about gardening, then put "Gardening" in your title so that people who are searching for gardening tips can find your video and watch it.
    3. Use Relevant Keywords in your YouTube videos: The title of your video should have keywords that are relevant to its content and should also be catchy so that viewers will want to click on it.
    4. Use VidIq Tool To generate catchy Titles: VidIq is a free online tool that helps you to find the best title for your YouTube video. It does this by generating titles based on keywords, tags, and other data from your video.
Use VidIq Tool To generate catchy Titles

Note: You can use VidIq for free, but if you use it for free, you will not be able to use its features. So if you have that much money, I would suggest you buy the VidIq pro plan.

    • Some things that people should avoid when creating titles for YouTube videos are:

The title of a YouTube video is the first thing that viewers will see when they are scrolling through the search results. It should be catchy and descriptive enough to entice viewers to click on it.

    1. Repeating words in the title
    2. Making the title too long
    3. You should also avoid using generic words like “video” or “today” in your titles because these words are not as eye-catching as other words like “surprising” or “amazing.”
    4. If you are a new YouTuber. And if you use emojis in the titles of your YouTube videos, I would advise you to stop using emojis. For example (🌼πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ’―) Because of this, your video will not appear in the search results of YouTube when someone searches for the keyword related to your video.
Some things that people should avoid when creating titles for YouTube videos are:
So finally if you follow my instructions above then I hope no one can stop your youtube video from going viral.

2. Use keywords in the Titles of YouTube videos that your audience can relate to.

This is a very important section of your YouTube video. It should be able to catch the attention of the audience and make them want to watch your video. You can use keywords in the title of your videos that are relevant to your audience and that they might search for when looking for content related to this topic.

A good title should be catchy, short, and descriptive. The more keywords you use in your titles, the better they will be for SEO purposes as well.

3. Stay Under the YouTube Title Character Limit

While you can use as many as 100 characters in your YouTube title, the optimal length is 70 characters (including spaces) as anything over that will in any case be shortened. In other words, only the first 70 characters will be visible to users.

So if you are careful while writing the title of your YouTube video, I hope you will be able to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your YouTube video well. And so it is very possible that your video will go viral on YouTube.

4. Avoid Using YouTube Clickbait Titles

YouTube is a powerful platform for content creators to reach their audience. But clickbait titles are a trend that has been on the rise. Clickbait titles are misleading and attract viewers by promising something that the video does not deliver.

However, many YouTubers are using clickbait titles to attract viewers into watching their videos.

The problem with clickbait titles is that they are not effective at keeping viewers engaged in the content for long periods of time. They just want to see what happens next which leaves them feeling unsatisfied and frustrated when the video ends without any major revelations or surprises in it.

    • Note: So if you already use the clickbait title in your YouTube video. So stop doing this from today because by doing so, people will click on the thumbnail of your video after reading the title of the video. The content they wanted to see in the video when they do not get the content, they will leave the video, so the audience retention of your video will be greatly reduced. And then gradually the views on your YouTube video will stop coming. You can guess from the picture below. How important is audience retention to make YouTube videos viral?
Avoid Using YouTube Clickbait Titles

5. Use the Right Keywords for YouTube Search

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It's also a place where viewers can find everything they want.

The more specific your keywords are, the easier it will be for you to rank on YouTube search results and get more views. When you choose keywords that are too broad, people might not be able to find your video when they search for it.

In order to rank higher on YouTube search results, use keywords that are specific and related to your video content.

YouTube has a search algorithm that ranks your video based on keywords in the title and tags. This means you need to use the right keywords in order to rank higher in YouTube's search results.

The first step towards ranking higher in YouTube's search results is to come up with a good title. The title should include relevant keywords that will help people find your video when they are searching for something specific like an event or topic. For example, if you are making a video about “Easy tricks on Snapseed 2022” then your title should include “Snapseed Editing

6. Use Numbers When Necessary in YouTube video Title

    • While not all videos require a numerical title, if you are uploading a tutorial or demonstration video, then it is best to include numbers in your title as this will allow viewers to quickly find what they are looking for.

7. Add Emotive Words to Your YouTube Videos Title

You may be wondering why it is important to add emotive words to the title of a YouTube video. It's because it can increase the chances of people clicking on your video and watching it.

So what are some words that you could use in your video titles: You could use words like amazing, beautiful, cute, funny, heartwarming, and inspirational.

8. Create Harmony Between the Title and Thumbnail

A good title and thumbnail will help you create harmony between the two.

A good title is one that captures the essence of the content. To create harmony between the title and thumbnail, make sure that your thumbnail is relevant to what your YouTube video is about.

It's important that titles and thumbnails match each other to help them attract more people and make them want to watch more videos.

9. Add Hashtags in Your YouTube Video Title

Hashtags are an important part of YouTube Videos. They allow your video to be found by people who are interested in the same topic. There are many ways to find a good hashtag for your video. You can use a search engine, or a hashtag generator tool, or you can even make up your own!

    • This is a guide on how to add hashtags to your YouTube video title.

You can add hashtags to your YouTube video title by adding them at the end of your title. For example, if you are uploading a video titled “My Trip to London” you can add #London and #Trip to get more views.

Adding hashtags to your video title will help you reach a wider audience. You can search for popular hashtags in your niche and add them to your video titles. For example, if you make videos about fitness, then you should add the hashtag #fitness or #weightloss.

This is just one of the many ways that you can use hashtags in your YouTube videos.

    • Note: One thing you should always keep in mind is that using hashtags in the title of a video does not mean that you should use all the hashtags in the title of the video. If you do, your video will not go viral on YouTube.

Final Words

It’s proven that videos with titles that grab people’s attention tend to get more views on YouTube. So how do you come up with a title that will get people interested in watching your YouTube videos? Here are the above 9 strategies that you should try out. We hope you find them helpful!

    • We hope you enjoyed our article on how to title your YouTube videos to get more views. We aim to bring you the best information on the web, so if you have any other questions on this topic, please contact us anytime on Instagram. Thank you for reading, and as always, we look forward to hearing from you!

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