What is SEO? How to create a YouTube channel

Hello! My dear friends, brothers and sisters. I hope you all like my YouTube SEO course, and after completing this course you will say to yourself that yes I have completed course from basic to advanced level, and Now, of course, after that you will make a name for yourself in the world of YouTube and you will achieve the dream for which you have worked so hard.

Table of Contents:

Some important things.

Before starting the course, we will know some important things and after that, the course will start regularly. One thing I would like to clarify here is that this course will start from zero and will be completed up to the advanced level. This is because there are many people in our country who are just thinking of starting a platform on YouTube or online, but they know nothing yet. So I will try to explain everything and examples. However, if someone doesn't understand from somewhere, he can message me on Instagram and ask any question without hesitation. I hope you people will fully understand and the person who is reading it for the first time will also fully understand.

1. What is SEO?

YouTube SEO Class 1 - What is SEO? How to create a channel and what are its Important settings?
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SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". Through which we can increase the traffic on our website or YouTube channel the quantity and quality of people. Simply put, this is a method by which we can deliver our content to the masses in large quantities.

Remember, content is not just video. If you are working on YouTube, then your content will be as video, and if you have a blog or website, then this content will be as writings. Here for now we will talk only about YouTube, since we will definitely go to the blogging course after YouTube, so now after YouTube (SEO) blogging will be much easier.

2. The basics of SEO

Following the simple definition of SEO, we will talk about the main parts of SEO in which we will see what are the basic things in SEO and how to apply it on a video on YouTube. Is done Here I have divided this course into many small parts and one of the main reasons is to explain everything to all of you, since we consider SEO to be a common thing and We pay little attention to why we can't achieve what we should do in a short time.
So it depends on you people how much you get into it and how carefully you accomplish it.

3. How to create a channel and what are its important settings?

Creating a channel is as easy as pressing a button with the mouse. However, it is not enough just to create a channel here. First, we need to see for ourselves what we are experts at, test our expertise and ask ourselves what you can really do on YouTube. Most people make outrageous mistakes before and after creating a channel. So, I would advise you to complete the course and then you should not make those mistakes on YouTube at all.

4. Keep these things in mind before creating a channel.

Name the channel that does not already exist on YouTube. Make sure that no channel by the name you are creating is already on YouTube. The advantage of creating a channel with a unique name is that whenever someone searches for your channel name on YouTube or Google, your channel will appear foremost. In addition, all the videos that you have uploaded will appear on the first page of YouTube.

5. Categories and topics.

Try to have a unique category for your channel, a topic that is not previously on YouTube. But if you do not have a unique idea and you want to work on a topic that is already on YouTube, then do it very uniquely.

For example

If you are a Cooking Channel creator and are learning how to make a recipe that is already available on YouTube, then you should keep your style in a way that no one has ever used before. Simply put, teach or tell people in a new way what is already there. This will increase your chances of success on YouTube.

Remember that your style plays the most important role. People recognize you by your style and that is why they subscribe to you. Make sure you plan on which topic you will follow on YouTube and how much grip you have on that topic, and do you have enough content to make live videos?

The most important thing is that your planning should be complete. In addition, you will make a few videos and then there will come a time when you will leave YouTube. That way, all your hard work and time will be wasted, and then you say that videos do not go viral on YouTube and much more.

6. What should we do before creating a channel?

Before creating a channel, you need to have a few things ready for your channel in advance, as I will share with you the three things one by one. Things are as follows.

1. Your channel logo
2. The cover art of your channel
3. The best description of your channel (full description of the channel)

And now, first, let's talk about the channel logo.

1. Channel logo

Before creating a YouTube channel logo you have to think about which app you can use to create a beautiful logo and if it is also free, then for that I would suggest you PixelLab, and PicsArt, etc. So if you can make a good professional logo from another app, make it because the channel logo also plays a very important role in making the channel popular and getting people to subscribe to your channel.

2. Channel cover art

So above you have read about YouTube channel logo so it is as important to make YouTube logo beautiful as it is to make channel cover art and in cover Art you should highlight how you will upload content to your channel so that People have no problem understanding your channel and then if they are interested in your content they will definitely subscribe to the channel, just remember the things I have told you, So you will understand YouTube quickly and then you will earn good money, provided you work hard.

 3. The best description of the channel

In which you will tell what content will be available to the people on this channel and what will be the benefit to the people. Here you will also tell the people about yourself, what is your profession and what you are into. Expertise and what you do and what is the purpose of creating this channel. Let's tell you all the things that people can recognize you.

Note: For channel logos and covers, etc. I will also share another Canva app with your friends which, if you use it, you will create a good cover art for YouTube, how to work on it all. More details will be shared with you in this course.

These are just some of the Channel setting shareware that you can use. Everyone comes to YouTube to make money, but keep in mind that if your goal is to make money, then you can't succeed on YouTube. Will stay There are some reasons I think it's important for you to know, but now that our topic is SEO, we'll cover it at the very end of the course. You must have a better understanding of what you need to do before creating a channel.

7. How to create a channel

Now the next step is to create a channel. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

To create a channel, you need to have a Google Account, commonly called Gmail. If you do not have a Gmail account, you must first create an account and then log in to any of your browsers. My opinion is that you should use Chrome Browser, Chrome browser as it is the fastest. And the big thing is that this is Goggle's own product. Now that you have logged in to your browser with your email account, you need to go to YouTube as soon as you come to YouTube.

Of method

1. So first you will see the first letter of your name in the corner of YouTube as shown in the picture you have to click on it.

YouTube SEO Class 1 - What is SEO? How to create a channel and what are its Important settings?

2. And then you will have more options. From these options, click on the Create a Channel option.

3. And then you will have a new option which will automatically show the name of your Gmail account. If you want to have the same name, then fine.

4. Now you have a YouTube channel, but you still have to apply channel settings and logos to cover art, so you can resort to YouTube and adjust your channel settings, as this topic belongs to the same CEO. If so, I will not discuss it.

So far, we've come a long way from planning a channel to building a channel. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life comes into play:


One important thing to know is that if we want to understand SEO, we must first understand the algorithm of YouTube, which is an important topic. We will talk about this topic in the middle of the course. And I hope you enjoyed today's first SEO class, and share this article with your friends so they can benefit too. And so I will be encouraged and I will bring you something new.

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