8 Best organic ways to increase YouTube Videos Views & subscribers.

Hello Everyone ! I hope you will be fine. In today's article I will share about YouTube, read the entire article.
Like other countries in the world, the trend of using social media in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and thousands of young people are trying to become YouTubers by making Pakistani videos.

Pakistani youtubers and content creators work very hard to create and upload videos on YouTube, but still there are very few views on their channel, so today we will talk on this topic about how we can rank our channel.

I would like to give some tips to new youtubers after completing 2 years of making videos on YouTube. Here are 8 most important things anyone should take care of making good videos on YouTube and increase your subscribers. I am going to tell you friends that you have to keep these things in mind.

8 Best organic ways to increase YouTube Videos Views & subscribers.
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I have learned a lot on YouTube in the last 2 years and I am still learning, so I thought I would share these things with you friends. They will make good videos with this in mind.

YouTubers should keep in mind the following Eighth things.

 First thing:

Audio is more important than video quality on YouTube

This means that the sound of the video uploaded on YouTube should be clear, which should be clearly understood by the listener. If the sound of the video uploaded on YouTube is not clear and there is noise in the background, then you understand people will not watch your video with interest and if you pay more attention to your voice than the video, then I hope you Will soon make a name for himself in the world of YouTube.

 Second thing:

Satisfaction is tantamount to ending a YouTube channel.

This means that no one is dissatisfied with their content. They keep reviewing the content they have created and get feedback from other people as well. I share this with you. This means that when you have created and uploaded a lot of videos on your channel, take a day to review all your videos so that you can understand your own shortcomings and Then don't repeat these flaws in the videos, this way you will make your videos and channel professional, and also keep getting valuable feedback about your channel from your friends and YouTube family to further increase your knowledge. And that way you will create more good content, and people will love your content.

 Third thing:

Thumbnails and titles are just as important as videos.

This means that when uploading to YouTube, the small image that appears in the video's thumbnail should be so attractive that the viewer must watch the video and the title of the video, which is also called the headline. Go And one of the important things to keep in mind is that you don't have to play with people's emotions. Will soon grow, and you and I know that if any video thumbnail is good, then the viewer first sees the same thumbnail and clicks on the video, then you have to do something like that at the beginning of the video The suspense is that people must watch your full video, I hope you have understood my point.

 Fourth thing:

16:9 is the best screen ratio on YouTube video.

This means that when shooting a video for YouTube, if the screen ratio is set to 16:9 then the video will be great. This way the video viewer will be able to easily understand your video and will also be able to watch the video easily, so he will choose your video next time to watch more similar videos.

 Fifth thing:

Viral video is the destruction of your intelligence.

I think the most detrimental thing for any YouTuber is to have a video go viral, because that affects the video creativity.
Let me explain to you why any viral video wreaks havoc on us, because it affects our potential. We think we've become a huge YouTuber. Our videos have become popular. While this is not the case, we should work as hard as we used to on YouTube, then we can make a lot of money from YouTube and make a name for ourselves.

 Sixth thing:

Don't be the most prominent. Try to do your best.

I don't think any YouTuber should claim to do the most outstanding work, but they should keep doing the best and unique work. It will give them a lot to learn.
 The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Stay connected with us permanently.

 Seventh thing:

Choice of excellent graphics and music

8 Best organic ways to increase YouTube Videos Views & subscribers.
Picture Credit goes to Pixabay.com

This means that the lines and figures included in the YouTube video should be typed well and the best music videos should be used, and we should use good editing app for video editing so that our videos people. Like it and like it. When people like the video, YouTube will automatically forward our video to the people, so we will benefit a lot.

 Eighth thing:

When you copy someone else's content, our channel does not grow

All you have to do is create your own content on YouTube and, of course you upload the video two days later a week later, but the content you used in the video should be your own. You should steal no one's video and Don't upload videos to your channel. If you do, you will infringe on copyright, then YouTube will close your channel,

 Last sentence

I hope you enjoyed today's article. If you liked this article, please let me know what you think in the comment box. If you want to have an article on another topic, you can try to share your valuable opinion in the comment box. I will try to write an article on the topic you mention. Thanks!

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