How do I SEO my YouTube channel? - How can I improve my Video editing?

Welcome to the second class of SEO. I hope you have benefited a lot from the first class, so in today's interesting class I will share with you a few important things about how to make a video with your friends and before making a video. I'll talk about, and in class three, we'll discuss more YouTube SEO and topics in detail. In the last class we talked about YouTube SEO and in that we also discussed about creating a channel, so I hope you have done the complete setting of your channel.

YouTube SEO Class 2 - How do I SEO my YouTube channel? - How can I improve my Video editing?

Table of Contents:

1. Here are some things to keep in mind before making a video:

Here we will discuss some of the essentials before making a video that will act as the foundation of a wall and which cannot be ignored. I will try to cover each category.

1. Whenever we think of making a video, we often think of a topic that is running through our minds. Keep in mind that we will not select any topic of our choice until we have ten thousand subscribers.

2. If you want to make videos in which you do not want to show yourself and just want to record your voice and use different clips and pictures in the video, then a few important things to keep in mind.

Those things are as follows.

1. Be sure to include audio, audio music from the video topic in any video you make, because music is what plays a key role in your video and your audience is interested in your video. Putting the right music is just as important as everything else.

2. An example of this is if you are watching a movie in which a sad scene is playing, will anyone play fast or disco dance music in such a scene or will there be any crying washing music?

3. If your channel is Islamic then you should put some great Islamic music in your video which is available in thousands on internet (royalty free music only).

3. If you want to make a video in which you want to show yourself in the camera then this idea is best because people will pass you by your face. When we learn to make a video by keeping an eye on the room, make sure that your viewers do not feel like you are in the video or sitting in front of them. In that case, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that the place where you are shooting the video should be very clean and everything that you want to show in the camera should be in a neat order.

4. If you want to make face cam videos, my personal advice is to put this idea into practice. Don't get nervous or stop talking during the shoot. Make a video with full attention and focus. Now that we've learned about both types of videos, there are a lot of different categories, but we can't discuss each category here. Then we will learn more about Wade Editing.

2. Here are some tips to help you get started:

As we have discussed everything in a separate category, we cannot leave behind video editing. Video editing is the most important part of our video, it is the editing of every youtuber that identifies its skills, workmanship and its function. I think almost everyone knows video editing, if you don't know video editing then you can visit my youtube channel, some people do editing on mobile and some people do it on laptop or computer.

3. Video editing should be done on mobile or computer.

Now, here we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. In answer to this question, I would definitely prefer you to work on the computer. One of the reasons I will tell you later. But just know that if your only goal is to upload videos to YouTube every day, then you cannot become a professional youtuber.

Because unless we give our viewers the best content and the best editing, we won't be able to get their attention. Even if it takes you a week to edit a video, no problem, edit your video as a professional and not as a typical little YouTuber. In this regard, my opinion is that you should use Adobe Premiere Pro.

Note: And after the YouTube course there is a full detailed Adobe Premiere Pro course which will be included in the upcoming courses.

4. The basics keys of SEO

The bottom line is that you have to fully upload your video and then publish it. After learning about video editing, we will upload the video and learn about the most important parts of it which will be listed below.

  • Video title
  • Video Discussion
  • Video thumbnail
  • Video tags and #Hashtags These four things are called meta data of any video and our SEO revolves around these things.

Basically, the one who knows and writes these four things in the best way is called an SEO expert and the most important thing before all these three is the video thumbnail. We will learn about this fourth thing in great detail and of course you will all be told how to make it.


So friends, in the next class we will talk in more detail about such an SEO. In today's class we have discussed only four topics, so you have to read them thoroughly, after reading them. You will understand what SEO is all about, and you must share this article with your friends.

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