What is a YouTube Title? - What are keywords? And how they work.

Hello! Everyone I hope you have read in the previous classes on YouTube SEO, in the last class we told you about the videos, how to edit the videos, and how to upload them on YouTube, then in our today's class, we will learn. You will need to read the full article to know what a title is and how to use it, what keywords are, and where we can find popular keywords. So let's start the article without wasting time.

YouTube SEO Class 3 - What is a YouTube Title? - What are keywords? And how they work.

Table of Contents:

1. What is the title?

What's inside any video, and that's about it? To illustrate this, we write the title of our video. Only by reading the title can one know what is in this video. This may be normal for many people, but it is not. The title of our video determines whether our video will go viral. So it is wrong to take it lightly. Here I will tell you about some parts of the title and try to explain how the title is written, what is written, how to know what to write and where to get it.

2. How is the title written? And how many types are there?

This is a very important question. It is very important for a new YouTuber to know the answer to this question. Before knowing how to write a title, it is important to know what the title actually is and how many types it has. So let's first talk about what a title actually is. Simply put, the title is the name of our video. Which shows what information we have in our desired video. The viewer of your video is told through the title of what we have said in this video and what topic it is. Is about When we talk about SEO, the title means something else. If we are doing SEO of our video, then we have to do SEO of the title of our video. Will not write in your title. Why is that?

3. How do we get our videos out to the public?

When we have created a new channel and we have neither subscribers nor viewers, then who will watch our video? How do we get our videos out to the public? These are the key questions that underlie SEO. So let's look at some essentials to strengthen this foundation and discuss them, one by one.


It is important to give an example before explaining it so that you can understand it better. Have you ever noticed that you search by typing something on YouTube and YouTube shows you the results as a lot of videos according to the words you have written? Now all the videos you see are on the topic you searched for. The results of the videos that YouTube has placed in front of you will all appear on the first page of YouTube, which will be a maximum of ten videos, while millions of videos on the topic you searched for will be very popular. Would have made of the millions of videos that you see on the front page. All the videos will have ranked words in the title.

5. What are keywords? And how they work.

These words are called keywords. Now that we have to bring our video to the front page, we will write keywords for the title of our video, which will be ranked. We say that we have won the SEO of our title.

YouTube SEO Class 3 - What is a YouTube Title? - What are keywords? And how they work.

A lot of new people here will be confused about how we can find out which keywords are ranked. So my brothers and sisters, for this we use some tools like Tubebuddy and VidlQ. As part of these, there are some other tools that we will discuss in their assigned class. Now that everyone knows what a title is and how it is written (we'll talk about it next class more about that).

6. How many types of titles are there and what are their names?

There are two types of titles.

 1. Long-tail Title
 2. Short-tail Title

6. What is a Long-tail title?

These are titles that are over three Ranked Keywords. These titles comprise four, five, six, or more keywords.

7. What is a short-tail title?

These are titles comprising two or three Ranked Keywords. The number of keywords in them is two or three.

8. Sort of writing the Title

Like every question, I wrote the question of how we can write the title and how these two types of titles are combined in our title. Every title should always start with a long tail title and when we write the long tail title, then we have to write an operator which is (|) then we write the short tail title and then we write the same operator again. (|) And then at the end, we have to write the name of our channel which you (seen in the pictures at the beginning above) then it will be seen.


Once you understand the title well, we will understand the description of the video and know what is the significance of the description and why it is necessary, so you read today's class carefully and you If you haven't read the previous classes, I have also given the link to them. You can read it, and be sure to share this article with your friends. Thank you.

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