5 Smartphone Charging Mistakes That Kill Your Phone Battery

Dear readers, you might not know but the way you charge your smartphone matters a lot. One of the biggest concerns of smartphone users is the battery fast drain. Most users make a few common mistakes while charging the phone which gradually damages the device.

5 Smartphone Charging Mistakes That Kill Your Phone Battery

You all know that we are living in the age of technology so in this age of technology, it is very easy to solve any mobile phone problem. So in this article of ours today, we will discuss the mistakes of why mobile phone battery drains quickly. So follow our procedure given below.

    • Avoid these mistakes if you want your phone's battery and the device itself to last longer.

1. You Have To Use the Original Charger For Your Phone

Using chargers made by unknown companies for smartphones is one of the biggest mistakes and is also very common. By the way, most companies' phones come with a charger and cable, but if not, you can purchase a charger from an authorized official retailer.

It is important to use the original charger as well as the cable as both of them can damage the phone internally in case of a power failure.

2. Charging Your Phone Overnight

Leaving the phone on the charger overnight even after it is fully charged can prove disastrous for the battery in the long run. When our smartphone is charged to 100% and still connected to the charger, the battery gets stressed or put under a lot of pressure, which affects its life on a long-term basis.

  • Charging Your Mobile Phone When It Is Completely Off

Just as charging the battery at 100% percent is harmful, charging the battery at 0 instead of 5% percent is also not a good habit. Doing so also increases the stress on the battery and ends its life very quickly.

3. Unplug Your Smartphone Charger When It's Not In Use

A charger plugged into a power socket is constantly drawing power even when the phone is not connected, which may add a small amount to the bill. But it starts getting hot gradually which increases the risk of short circuits. While the phone can also be damaged from the inside.

4. Using The Phone While Charging

Do not use the phone while it is charging as doing 2 tasks at the same time increases the strain on the battery. If an important call is coming, take the device off the charger, talk, and then put it back on charge.

5. Remove The Smartphone Case While Charging

Excessive heat is detrimental to battery life and if you don't remove the phone case while charging, this heat starts to build up in the device.

This heats up the battery and the internals of the phone, so remove the case and let the battery 'breathe' before charging.

Final Thoughts

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