10 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone's Battery Life

Nowadays, the displays of smartphones have become bigger while the devices have many features that require a lot of power. This is the reason why people have to charge their smartphones more than once a day. And that's why if you travel a lot, you can run into a problem with the smartphone battery draining fast.

10 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone's Battery Life

Any smartphone's battery life can be drained quickly due to various reasons, such as a bright screen, a fast processor, apps running in the background, a fast internet connection, etc.

But the good thing is that your phone has a few hidden features, which can make the battery last longer once the smartphone is charged. By knowing about these features or tips you can improve the battery life of your smartphone.

  • So, if you follow the ten tips given below, why not hurry, read them and try these tips on your smartphone.

1. Use Power Saving Mode

If you are in a place where it is not possible to charge the phone and want the battery to last longer, turn on the power-saving mode of the device. By doing this, the phone will automatically turn off functions that drain battery life quickly.

Power saving mode can be turned on in almost all Android phones by going to the settings and then going to the battery option.

2. Adjust Your Smartphone Screen Brightness

Smartphone displays are now quite large and their brightness drains the battery much faster. Almost everyone knows how to increase or decrease the phone brightness, so it doesn't need to be explained, but avoid using auto-brightness as this setting consumes more battery power.

3. Also Take Care Of The Lock Screen

The Allways On Display feature has been available in Android phones for a long time, allowing basic details like time and date to be visible on the screen at all times.

This feature also reduces battery life, so disable it by going to the lock screen in the phone settings.

4. Reduce Screen Sleep Or Timeout Time

The longer the phone screen is on, the more battery life will be used. You can minimize this time by going to phone settings, usually, this period is from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, so go to display settings and change it to 15 seconds.

5. Turn Off Location And Wireless Services

Even if you have turned on location, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc., and are not using the phone, the device's battery power is affected by the signals from these services.

If you want to maximize battery life, turning off location, mobile data, and Bluetooth, while turning off Wi-Fi can also extend battery life somewhat.

6. Turn Off Background Apps

Various apps are constantly running in the background even when you are not using them, affecting internet data and battery life. You can find and block these apps by going to the battery option in the phone settings.

7. Disable The Digital Assistant/Google Assistant

If you have Voice Assistant activated, the phone is always alert to hear a specific word, which uses up battery life. You can improve battery life a bit by disabling these voice assistants.

8. Update The Smartphone Operating System

Whenever updates are available for the operating system, don't forget to install them as these updates from companies fix software issues as well as improve power management.

9. Minimize Smartphone Notifications

Push notifications, i.e. notifications sent by each app, also affect battery life. It is possible to block notifications by going to the Android phone settings option, which also improves battery life a bit.

10. It Is Also Important To Take Care Of The Smartphone Temperature

High or low temperatures also affect battery life and can cause permanent damage, so try to keep the phone at room temperature, while never using it in direct sunlight.


We hope the above ten tips will be useful for you to extend the battery life of your smartphone. If you want to know more you can contact me on Instagram don't hesitate to contact me.

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