Top 4 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel with YouTube Shorts

Welcome to our blog about how to grow your YouTube channel with YouTube shorts! If you’re looking to grow your audience on YouTube, you might upload videos that are much shorter than the traditional 10-15 minute length.

Shorter YouTube videos-often known as YouTube shorts-are especially popular among younger audiences, but they can also work well with older viewers if you know how to pitch them correctly. Read on for four tips to help you make short videos that will help you get more views and subscribers!

Top 4 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel with YouTube Shorts

With all the competition in the world of videos, growing and maintaining a YouTube channel has become a challenge for even the biggest companies. This blog post will focus on "YouTube Shorts". These are short videos on YouTube that can help your channel increase its overall visibility.

What is YouTube Shorts?

We’ve recently been hearing quite a bit about YouTube Shorts. If you’re unfamiliar with what they are, YouTube Shorts are videos that are much shorter than usual videos on YouTube, typically only lasting around 30 seconds in length. And sometimes less than 30 seconds. They’re being promoted as the latest and greatest new innovation in video content creation and promotion.

3 Things to Avoid When Making YouTube Short Videos

Make sure you don't make any of these basic mistakes the next time you record a YouTube short video. This may sound obvious, but a surprisingly large number of online video creators have made one or more of these mistakes. And as a result, their videos are getting affected. But don't worry: we can help you avoid these mistakes here and now, and guide you to create better quality content for your audience to enjoy!

  • Don't underestimate the importance of a good voice. Poor audio can distract viewers and prevent them from paying attention to your message. Make sure you have a quiet place to record and then use any editing software to edit these ambient sounds.

  • Don't record videos that are too long. Beautiful place for a short video ranging from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. This is a short video, so keep it focused on your message and don’t stray into extraneous material.

1) Understand the purpose of your video

Every video you make should have a purpose in mind, whether it is to educate your audience or to entertain them. Knowing what you want to do will help you determine how long your video should be. If you want to explain something, hold it for less than 30 seconds. If your goal is to have fun and engage, aim to keep the video within a minute.

You can always try longer videos, but before you lengthen your videos again, consider why they aren't working as intended. Explain your purpose and make sure it matches how people interact with your videos. Keep videos short enough to get someone's attention, so that people like to watch your videos, and this way they will fulfill the purpose of your video, and people will not tire of watching it.

2) Use a catchy title

Crafting a catchy title or headline is an essential element of any content campaign. If you want your viewers to read your video’s description and watch your video, you have to make it stand out and that means using words that are in vogue right now and creating a title people will want to click on. To get some ideas, look at what other brands are doing. Are they using trending keywords? How many views get their videos have?

3) Ensure your channel stays consistent

All of your content needs to be consistent. You can’t go from posting a serious video one day to uploading a long video after. It makes little sense and it won’t help you grow your channel. If you want your channel to grow, keep everything related to what you are trying to achieve with it. If you create gaming videos, then stick to making gaming videos and release 3 videos every week if possible.

Having consistent, high-quality content on your channel is vital to growing it. Creating 2-3 videos per week will keep your channel active and help you maintain an audience that comes back each time you release a new video. By uploading videos regularly, you’ll gain more subscribers over time as people will be more likely to come back each time they see something new from you.

4) Optimize your YouTube short video metadata

Make sure your video is properly optimized by including targeted keywords in your title, tags, and description. It’s a good idea to search through successful videos in your category to see what they’re doing and copy it if it’s working well. If You can also use services like TubeBuddy or VidIQ to make sure your metadata is set up correctly before uploading.

Video titles should be descriptive and include relevant keywords. It’s also a good idea to include your targeted keyword in a comment. Include relevant tags to help people find your video more easily, but don’t go overboard. Research shows that adding too many tags can hurt views as you’re trying to over-optimize each one so they are as likely to show up naturally in search results.

Video descriptions can also include relevant keywords and links to your other social media accounts or website. Be sure to keep it short but interesting so people will want to read all of it.


YouTube is a great place to show off your brand, create and share videos and connect with people. YouTube is also a platform where you can teach, advertise, build community, and even sell your products. This has made it a popular platform for many content creators.

The issue is, that it can be difficult to grow a YouTube channel organically. Above there are some ways to make it easier, however. One way is to create YouTube shorts. The goal of this blog post is to teach you how to grow a YouTube short video that can increase your YouTube channel subscribers, views, and many more.

Growing your YouTube Channel is a very difficult task. We hope this blog provided you some insight into the YouTube shorts video, and into how you can start to see better results from your YouTube Channel. If you have any questions or concerns about the information in this blog, please contact us anytime on Instagram. Thank you for visiting our blog, and we hope to hear anything from you soon!


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