Best 10 Nastaleeq Fonts | 2024 New Urdu Fonts

Just as the English language is very popular in this world, if you live in Pakistan, you will know the popularity of Urdu fonts and Urdu language. So if you write any text then you need Urdu fonts to make it beautiful.

So if you are also looking for the best Urdu fonts then you need not go next further here you will find the 10 best Urdu fonts that you can easily download.

Best 10 Nastaleeq Fonts | 2024 New Urdu Fonts

The use of Urdu fonts is growing rapidly in Pakistan and India and this is because many YouTubers and content creators use Urdu fonts which make the written articles look very beautiful. If you make lyrics status then you definitely need Urdu fonts, so considering your needs I have given the best 10 Nastaleeq fonts which you can easily download. 

What is Noori Nastaliq?

"Mirza Ahmed Jameel" developed Noori Nastaliq, the first standard and visually appealing mechanical Nastaliq font. In recognition of his achievement, he was awarded Pakistan's Medal of Distinction in 1981.

All the drawings of were prepared by Mirza Jameel himself and the first word of the name of this font i.e. Noori Nastaliq is related to his father “Mirza Noor Ahmad”. After the availability of this font, newspapers in Pakistan started using mechanical typesetting for the first time. And so, with the invention of Noori Nastaliq, Urdu computer literature began.

What is Nastaliq or Nastaleeq?

The best 10 Nastaliq/Nastaleeq Fonts:- Around the 15th century, people created a type of Arabic(Islamic) writing called Nastaleeq. It slants from right to left and is often used for Persian poetry, as well as in manuscripts for Urdu and Malay languages.
  • Mir “Ali Tabrizi” was the first expert in Nastaliq “نستعلیق” writing. He taught his style to his son, Ubaydallah.
Nastaliq calligraphy is often considered the most beautiful script, earning it the informal title of "The Bride of Calligraphy" among many practitioners.

Definition of Font

A typeface or font is the style of writing used in a letter or text, determining how the words look. It's like the design or form of the words on the page. A typeface or font is a specific design of letters and characters that gives a distinct visual style to the letters or words written in the text. It's like a specific format that shapes how words appear on a page or screen.
  • A font is a visual style for writing that includes different sizes, colors, and designs. It represents text through characters like numbers, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters, and even punctuation marks.

Font styles are the different looks of letters used in both printed materials and digital text.

Making fonts is called type design, and those who do it are type designers. They often work for type “foundries(A type foundry is an organization that publishes typefaces and releases fonts.) In desktop publishing, you might hear them called "font developers" or "font designers." If someone uses fonts to design a page, they're a typographer.

What is Urdu Font?

If you are from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, then you must have heard the name Urdu font a lot. Urdu font is the name of Urdu script, (structure of letters). That is, length, width, thickness, etc. When we use Urdu fonts, then the text looks very beautiful and attractive.

Urdu is the official language of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is widely spoken there. While it is not the official language in India, there are regions where people speak and understand Urdu.

 Urdu fonts have the magic of transforming emotions into words. 

Urdu fonts are typefaces designed specifically for writing in the Urdu script, used to display and print Urdu text on digital platforms or in print. They encompass characters unique to the Urdu language.

Urdu is written in a Perso-Arabic script, and specific fonts are created to display its unique characters accurately. These fonts include a range of styles and designs, allowing for the visual representation of Urdu text in various digital and print media.

Best 10 Nastaleeq Fonts

Choosing the right Nastaleeq font is crucial for effectively conveying the essence of Urdu script. Whether for print, digital media, or artistic endeavors, this list provides a diverse selection to elevate your Urdu typography. Experiment with these fonts to find the perfect match for your project's unique requirements.

This blog post explores the best 10 Nastaleeq fonts, each bringing a unique charm to the Urdu script.

1. AA Sameer Tasmeem Bold Regular

AA Sameer Tasmeem Bold Regular

2. AlQalam Taj Nastaleeq

AlQalam Taj Nastaleeq

3. Gulzar_Nastaleeq


4. Pak Nastaleeq

Pak Nastaleeq

5. Mehr Nastaleeq Web Font Regular

Mehr Nastaleeq Web Font Regular

6. Nafees Nastaleeq Font

Nafees Nastaleeq Font

7. PDMS Saleem Quran Font

PDMS Saleem Quran Font

8. Urdu Emad Nastaliq

Urdu Emad Nastaliq

9. Jameel Noori Kasheeda

Jameel Noori Kasheeda

10. J Jameel Noori Kasheeda Regular

J Jameel Noori Kasheeda Regular

Windup - Best 10 Nastaleeq Fonts

These best 10 Urdu Nastaleeq fonts for 2024 bring a fresh and modern touch to the world of Urdu typography. With their elegant style, intricate details, and improved readability, they are sure to enhance the visual appeal of your Urdu content.

Whether you're designing a website, creating graphics, or working on a publication. These fonts are bound to make a lasting impression. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of Urdu typography!"

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