Take advantage of WhatsApp emoji reactions and three new features

WhatsApp recently added a few new features that are going to change how users interact with each other. First up are emoji reactions. These are the six new emoji that you can choose from to respond to messages.

WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform, has introduced new features to share emoji reactions directly to the messages received by its users, and increase the number of group members.

Take advantage of WhatsApp emoji reactions and three new features
Picture credit goes to blog.WhatsApp.com

WhatsApp had announced the introduction of new features in April, but now the company has released the details of the new features in the official blog post on Thursday, which will be in the latest version of WhatsApp.

1. Emoji Reaction on WhatsApp

According to the WhatsApp owned by Meta, it will now be possible to respond directly to the message instead of sending a character or emoji in response to any message received on the messaging app.

The WhatsApp blog says that emoji reaction is a more interesting and fast feature. Direct reactions will also reduce the pressure of messages in groups.

    • Note: that the reaction emoji feature is already available on the photo and video sharing app 'Instagram' and 'Facebook Messenger' owned by Meta.

According to the WhatsApp blog, characters and signs with limited impressions are currently being added to the reaction emoji and will be added over time.

WhatsApp has become a major platform for exchanging tax messages and digital files and document sharing of photos, videos, PDFs and other formats.

2. WhatsApp new feature file sharing size 2GB

Until now, WhatsApp had the facility to send a maximum file size of 100 MB, but now the company has increased this limit to 2 GB.

With this new feature, it has become possible to exchange large files through WhatsApp. According to the company, this feature will be useful for groups created for small businesses and schools.

    • Note: At the same time, WhatsApp has suggested that users use Wi-Fi for larger files. In addition, they will display a counter at the time of file transfer which will show the time taken for file transfer.

3. WhatsApp new feature Increase in WhatsApp group members

Using WhatsApp groups for online business, education, information exchange, entertainment, professional or family and social contact has become a common practice.

A maximum of 256 contacts could be added to WhatsApp groups, but the company has now increased that number to 512.

The company says the demand to increase the number of group chat participants was one of the most received demands from its customers. However, in the first phase, the number of participants has been increased to 512.

    • Remember: that WhatsApp introduced group chats in 2011 and now it is one of its most popular features.

In another official blog about groups, WhatsApp hinted at introducing a feature to give group admins the option to delete any message, but details released on Thursday did not mention this feature.

Final Words

With the new WhatsApp update, users will be able to take advantage of WhatsApp's emoji reactions which are like those on Facebook. The new reactions will allow users to express themselves in more ways than ever before and have a more personalized experience.

We love the fact that WhatsApp is constantly evolving and adding new features that make conversations easier and more fun. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the new features and emoji reactions. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about WhatsApp, we would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Instagram.

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