Beware! These 9 reasons can cause Whatsapp to block Your account

It is common knowledge that WhatsApp is a favorite app used by many people around the world today. It is also one of the most popular messaging platforms available in today's digital world. It is available for users to download on their mobile phones and devices and they designed it to work on all brands, versions and makes of mobile phones.

WhatsApp is a very convenient app for users to access and contact their friends, family, and business associates? WhatsApp has become so popular that some people are turning to it instead of traditional text messaging methods.

Beware! These 9 reasons can cause Whatsapp to blocked Your account

The company Meta has set some rules and regulations for WhatsApp users that, if not followed, your WhatsApp account may be closed.

Social Media and messaging applications are not free from spam messages. In fact, nowadays we are even more likely to receive spam messages from apps like WhatsApp. If you are a WhatsApp user, you might know that the number of spam messages keeps increasing every day. If you receive too many spam messages, your account might be suspended or even closed permanently.

WhatsApp is a very useful messaging app and is very popular across the globe? But if you use WhatsApp in the wrong way, your account can be closed on WhatsApp. Here are some reasons your account can be closed and some steps that can be taken if your WhatsApp account is closed.
1. Use of third-party apps like WhatsApp Delta, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc.
Using unauthorized applications like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp with the official application of WhatsApp. This could cause your account to close.
2. WhatsApp account inactive for a long time?
According to my research, if your WhatsApp account has been inactive for over 120 days. Your account will be closed on WhatsApp.
3. If you get blocked by too many users, then WhatsApp may ban you
Blocking you on WhatsApp by many people in one day. People think this is a very common reason and if it happens, then your WhatsApp account will be closed. The WhatsApp team will consider that you are sending the wrong message or spam message to the people, and if they are blocking you on the WhatsApp, then there is a high chance that the WhatsApp will also ban your account.
4. Send too many messages to a person who is not on your contact list
Sending spam messages, creating broadcast lists and groups, and adding people to them without permission. If you do not want to lose your account on WhatsApp, keep this in mind and never do that. Otherwise, the WhatsApp team will close your account permanently.
5. Don’t send fake messages or videos that promote violence on WhatsApp
Spreading false news. It has become very common for people to spread false news on WhatsApp, and people make it their own fake news and start sending it to other people in groups. So if you do, stop doing this from today, otherwise, there is a high chance that WhatsApp will ban your account permanently.

6. If too many people report against your WhatsApp account, then WhatsApp may ban you
If you also share someone's information without permission. So stop doing this from today. So let me tell you in detail here that when you send someone else's personal information to a group or to another contact of WhatsApp when the person whose information you have sent sees it, he will report your WhatsApp account, and l reporting it may ban your WhatsApp account permanently.
7. If you send malware or phishing links to users
Sending virus app to others through WhatsApp. I often see it on WhatsApp that people keep sending virus apps to WhatsApp to joke with their friends. So if you do, stop doing it today, because even that can permanently ban your WhatsApp account.
8. Impersonating someone and creating a fake account of another person 
Automatically create multiple new accounts. I often see on WhatsApp that some people make this mistake. If they are using a personal WhatsApp account. Even then, they create fake accounts in other people's names, and this way the WhatsApp team can permanently block your real account, so you can only create one WhatsApp account on one device. If you want to create more accounts, you can create another WhatsApp account on another mobile in your home. This way, your personal WhatsApp account will be safe.
9. Sending porn clips, threats or defamatory messages on WhatsApp will lead to an account ban
The company has set some rules and regulations for WhatsApp users that, if not followed, your WhatsApp account may be closed. WhatsApp has set a list of rules for users to follow or else you will face the consequences. These consequences include an account ban for sending pornographic content, threat messages, or defamatory messages. The users who will continue to violate the above conditions will be at risk of having their accounts closed permanently.

So, if you are a regular WhatsApp user, it is important to know the rules and regulations set by WhatsApp. Also, the users are advised to be careful while posting or sending any messages or content on the app. If you are found posting any pornographic content, sending threat messages, or defamatory messages, you will be banned from using WhatsApp. If you get banned, you will not be able to access your account and you will not be able to send any messages or photos on the app.
We have seen many people getting their WhatsApp accounts closed for different reasons. Most of these reasons revolve around sending harmful files and messages to other users, but many users are not even aware of these rules put in place by the company. So we thought we would create a blog post about them and let everyone know about them so that they can follow them.

If you have any other questions or concerns, we are always happy to help, so feel free to contact us anytime on Instagram. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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