How to send a message even when blocked on Whatsapp?

Don't worry if someone blocks you on WhatsApp. Today I am going to share with you the method of sending messages even on blocked contacts on social media networking platform and most popular WhatsApp. So in today's article the complete procedure I will tell you friends how to send your message if your friend blocks you on WhatsApp for any reason you want to send him a message. This is a very simple procedure. You just have to take care of a few things that I will share with you, otherwise all your data may be lost.

How to send a message even when blocked on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp now introduces the ability for social media users to send messages to their contacts even when they are blocked. If a friend blocks you, instead of worrying about it, all you have to do is take the following steps and your message will reach your friend.

Method of unblock

  1. Go to settings
  2. After clicking on Settings, you have to click on the Account button, then you will see the Delete Your Account option. So you have to click on it.
  3. Enter your number and delete the Whatsapp account
  4. Now you need to reinstall the Whatsapp & create Whatsapp account again
  5. After creating Whatsapp again you will be able to send a fearless message to the person who blocked you.

Note: After deleting the Whatsapp account, the user will be automatically out of all groups. So it is important to use this option after managing to re-add yourself to all groups

The second option is for the user to create a Whatsapp group from the first mutual friend and add himself and the friend who has blocked you and the mutual friend can leave it himself. You can still talk to the blocked person after this process.


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