9 WhatsApp Web Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

In this article, here we are going to tell you some WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are even more useful when you don't have a mouse. With the web version of WhatsApp, people can easily use most of the features of the instant messaging app.

WhatsApp is being used a lot these days. This messaging app was already in great use. But since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, its effectiveness has been further enhanced by several factors, including homework and online classes. WhatsApp is also the official group of most people who work on laptops or computers. Because of this, people also use the WhatsApp web a lot.

9 WhatsApp Web shortcuts you must know

WhatsApp Web Shortcut: WhatsApp users will be well acquainted with the WhatsApp Web. They mostly used it during office work. This platform makes it easier to use WhatsApp at work, but did you know WhatsApp has many more amazing features on the web that very few users are aware of? Today we will tell you some shortcuts related to WhatsApp web, which will be very useful for you and it will be very easy for you to use.

    • Here's a list of keyboard shortcuts that work in WhatsApp Web

1. Archive Chat

If you want to archive the chat on WhatsApp web, press (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E) button. With this command, your chat will be archived.

2. Pin Chat

Sometimes people feel the need to pin chat. Users can press (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P) to pin chat in WhatsApp.

3. Search Chat

Sometimes we suddenly feel the need for a special chat on the WhatsApp. We have to scroll down to find it manually, but you can also find it with the shortcut command if you wish. If you want to find a chat on WhatsApp web, press (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F)


4. Mute Notifications

You can also mute chat notification when you don't want WhatsApp notifications. All you have to do is press (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M)

5. Delete Chat

We should periodically delete such chats on WhatsApp, which we do not need. This makes the phone space lighter. If you want to delete the chat via WhatsApp web. Press (Ctrl + Alt + Backspace)

6. Create New Group

If you want to create a new group via WhatsApp Web and that too with the shortcut button, then you should press (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N)

7. Profile and about

Users can press (Ctrl + Alt + P) to check the profile and information.

8. Access Settings

If you suddenly feel the need to access the settings while working on the WhatsApp web. Users can access settings menu by pressing: Ctrl + Alt +, (comma)

9. Mark as unread

To mark a chat as unread, users have to press (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U)


We hope you enjoyed our article on WhatsApp web shortcuts you can use while using WhatsApp Web. With these shortcuts, you can easily navigate through the web and chat with friends and family.

    • If you have any questions about WhatsApp Web or shortcuts that we didn’t mention in this article, please feel free to contact us at Instagram. Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our articles is able to provide useful information on a topic like this.

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