15 Ways To Get Your Blog Ranking In Google first page

One of the most important tasks after completing a blog is how to get your site or blog to the public and how to attract visitors. One of the common ways to increase traffic to your site or blog is by paying advertising companies. But this method has proved very expensive, and now there is another method and that is to do search engine optimization (SEO), to do something on your website so that your site will be on the first page in the search engine. And this way, your blog/website will gather traffic.

In today's article, there are fifteen ways to get your website/blog to the top in search engine, by following which you can bring your website/blog to the first page in search engine. Provided that if you follow all the methods I have mentioned, then your blog/website will definitely be popular, and you have to work patiently, not that you did SEO today, then your tomorrow the blog/website will become popular.

15 Ways To Get Your Blog Ranking In Google first page

Its traffic measured the success and popularity of any website. The more traffic a site has, the more revenue the site has. This article will cover step by step how you can get 'standard' traffic to a brand new website. For these tips, you must have your own domain (such as www.yoursitename.com) so you can practice every aspect correctly.

In this article I have tried my best to present to you some of the old and successful ways to get traffic and some unique ways that I have gained after various experiences and research. You can also call them the methods I invented. Anyway, let's start this article and I will wait for your full feedback at the end.

However, before following these tips, keep in mind that your website is not just a site but a complete business (if you are doing this just for the sake of welfare, it is a different matter because you have done many other things including domain purchase). You have invested money to complete the process and if you do not want to waste that much money, then obviously you have to be serious about it.

Summary - Quick jump on the content

From a business point of view, both seriousness and investment are very important. If you are investing time with money investment and then not serious, then. Well, I wrote this article especially for those people who are really serious about their site and not only want to deliver good content to the people but also want to cover their expenses, and know that one shortcut to success is hard work. So let's move on to our article.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are a great way for Internet users to access information and websites from the Internet. Search engines play a vital role in generating traffic to a website. Search engines generate traffic, followed by other sources. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are popular among these search engines. Join them to get the most traffic to your site.

So it is very important that you make your site search engine friendly. Here are a few things to keep in mind before joining search engines.

The importance of meta tags in search engines: users usually use search engines to find the information they are looking for or the website they are looking for because they cannot remember the longest address of the websites or it does not relate them to different sites. As the user enters their information into the search bar of the search engine and presses the search button, the search engine checks the information contained in the tiles and tags of the websites in media, which are entered by the webmaster in the meta tags. If the website information in the meta tags of a website matches the information required by the user, then the search engine adds a link to that website/blog in the results that appear. The host clicks on the site link and thus the search engine generates traffic for any site.

But be patient! Before joining a search engine, you need to provide information to search engines about your site, what kind of information is on your website, what kind of service your site provides and from which department your site is about. This information cannot be given directly to search engines, but you put it through meta tags in the head section of your webpage. For example, if your website shares useful information on the topic of YouTube, then the title of your site and other tags may be:

    • <html> <head> <title> YouTube SEO Tips Everyone </title> <meta name = "description" content = "free SEO course on YouTube & blogger"> <meta name = "keywords" content = "YouTube seo, YouTube tips, viral YouTube videos "> </head>

Your site will now appear in search engines with these meta tags as follows:

Name the pages of your site according to their content: Name all the webpages you create during preparing your site according to their content, as if you have created five mobile phone site badges and Page1.html Page2.html Names can cause problems for search engines. Because of these names, the search engine cannot identify which topics are available on your site, which can lead to lack of site tracking.

The solution may be that if you are setting up a tips page in a mobile site, you can name it (mobile_tips.html) and you can name the mobile software wallpapers downloading page (mobile_downoloads.html) which search engine Will help you identify which pages or features are on your website.

Minimize the use of frames: In order to make your website search engine friendly, you should take special care not to use frames in your web pages where other considerations are concerned as search engine difficult to use the content contained in the frames. Can't read so search engine ignores web pages that cause traffic loss,

Reduce the use of Java, Flash in web page development: While meta-tags and web page names are important for search engines in web page development, it is also important to keep in mind that web in Java or Flash and other modern languages. Page design enhances the beauty of a website, while search engines find it extremely difficult to read. This makes it difficult to find traffic from search engines. It is no longer difficult for search engines like Google to read them, but it is still not appropriate to take risks. HTML can be a great way to do that.

2. Website/Blog Submission in popular Search Engines

There are probably thousands of search engines in the world of internet at the moment and there are some who have paid users to search using them to gain fame but now the world There are only three or four search engines in the world that are not only known but also used by Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, with these popular search engines, joining an unpopular search engine would be extremely foolish. So joining these three search engines is the best step.

Special precaution after submission

New webmasters usually wait anxiously after their site appears in search engines to see when their site will appear in the search results, but this is wrong. It may take one to three weeks for your site to appear on the list after your submission, which you should wait for. And they repeatedly try to get their site included in search engines, which results in their site being eventually blacklisted by search engines and the site loses forever by re-entering the search engines.

3. Submission to DMOZ Open Directory

DMOZ is an open directory project where you submit your website. After submission, the site editor checks the site and adds it to your site directory in a day or two. The biggest advantage of submitting a site to DMOZ is that it is automatically visible to major search engines after joining this directory, because all major search engines have their own spiders to check out new websites joining DMOZ. Keep sending.

4. Comments on other websites

There are several websites that allow visitors to express their views on the articles or content included in the website, for which they provide a form consisting of four text boxes at the end of the article. You enter your name, email, website address and comments. Do not miss this opportunity to enter the web address of your site on such websites, but at the same time be careful not to include irrelevant, meaningless and irrelevant things in your comments.

Rather, express your opinion on the subject that is going on. And try to give an opinion that can be further discussed and informative material and, if possible, share a good and useful tip so that people can be attracted to you. Do not miss the point of ethics in this process. Avoid spamming.

5. Add a web URL to your eBay profile

If you are a member of eBay.com and continue to buy and sell through eBay, don't forget to include your personal and business information and your site address in your eBay profile?

6. Your email ID

Your email ID can be a great help in dealing with website traffic. If you have launched a website on the Internet, it means that not only they well acquainted you with the Internet but also communicate with friends in your daily life through Internet emails. With the help of letters, emails, along with the Internet, you will definitely send emails to your friends and clients if you are a business person during the day.

Include the URL of your website along with your signature (name) in the emails sent in your daily life. So this e-mail will become part of the other important content of your e-mail and will easily reach your friend or client with your name and many cents and friends will definitely check the addition of this new link. And if your website gets them interested, they will definitely become regular visitors to your site. This way you can get a good deal of traffic by simply adding the address of your website to the email signature (name).

7. Offer some free stuff on the site

Don't go for less that your full potential. But the user must feel that way. So along with other content, provide some free items on the site for their interest so that the user's interest is maintained. Because it is unnecessary for the user to have enough spare time to stay on his site. This free stuff will remind you of your site even if it is not on your site, but at the same time remember that my product is free and useful.

8. Get a good reputation on the internet

Do not engage in any illegal or immoral activity on the Internet, on any forum, website or blog, that would make you considered a hacker cracker junk dangerous or unreliable. If you have such a reputation, then they will view your website with the same eyes because the record of your previous posts on the internet is always there and people keep reading them at different times.

If you have become known as a hacker etc. or you have said something like that in a forum, then the average user who is scared in the name of hacking will be scared to come to your website. People look at your site with your previous record in mind, so a good reputation on the internet is free advertising for your site and leads to free traffic. So get a good reputation in the internet circles.

9. Spend some time on other people's websites.

They say that it is better to do it. This is a common saying, but if you follow this saying, then standard traffic will start coming to your site soon. Stop looking at your site for two hours and get rid of the idea that you own a site. Just look for other websites on the topic of your site and if you find some websites built on this topic, then see them as webmasters, visitors and editors. Check if there is any design, content or technical error in it? If you find such an error, immediately contact the site administrator or webmaster and point out this error.

When e-mailing responsible people, take care of their status and make them realize that they are addressing an experienced person and not an average person, and this e-mail contains an element of empathy and friendship. Be sure to include the prayer words, your name and the address of your site at the end of the email and send the email. The result will be that the webmaster will read and correct this sign and put a look on the site and maybe he will find some error in your website and he will also give you some expert opinion and It is possible for them to talk about your site with their friends and team and they will be impressed and come to your site.

Don't worry if the result is not good, because you have done a good deed by pointing out someone's mistake and giving him a chance to move on. Don't be afraid that by correcting a few mistakes site will overtake your site as it is not possible. Just think.

10. Answer user questions within 24 hours

Where you did not ignore the smallest points to make your site a success, don't ignore the feedback and queries (questions) that come from users after using the form and answer them 24 hours a day. Don't delay and try to send their answers as soon as possible. This not only makes the user happy but also takes the next step towards your services. However, there is a strong possibility that Tell your friends about your site because your immediate response or response within 24 hours has a great effect on the user.

And not only does it affect the user, but it also makes it clear to the user that the site is being handled and there are people working behind the site while in case of non-response or late response. If you feel you cannot answer user queries within 24 hours, be sure to include an auto-reply on your site so that the user will respond to your query as soon as he sends it to you.

11. Use a simple domain name

Some websites lose their valuable visitor simply because of difficult web addresses, meaning that sometimes the visitor comes to the site neither because of your advertising nor because of PPC, but because that visitor only follows a single link on the Internet. While doing this, he accidentally reaches your site, and he finds this site really useful and he spends ten to twenty minutes on it but suddenly for some reason he has to leave his computer or he is in an internet cafe. And when his time package expires, he can't even write it down and save it.

In that case, a few days later, when he needs a website, he forgets the address of the site due to passaging several days. The result is that he turns to another website on this topic and you lose a valuable visitor. Here, if the address of your domain is easy to remember, then they solve this problem. The user just looks at the address and does not forget the address for several days. So when registering a domain name, make sure that your domain address is easy to read and remember.

12. YouTube videos

In the world of internet, YouTube has an individual status in terms of videos where love videos are added and searched daily. If you spend some time on YouTube, you notice that there is a crowd of people who have gathered on YouTube and are busy watching and searching for videos. This may be a good opportunity for you to upload some of the work on the topic according to your site as video on YouTube.

As soon as you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube will allow you to add your site address and keywords along with your video, which will make it easier for you to find videos on this topic. Videos can be found, but also keep in mind that after giving some useful tips in the video, you can mention your website and bring users to your site for more tips.

They viewed each video millions of times on YouTube, and if you keep that in mind, if they view your video in millions or even thousands, you will bring hundreds of users to your site.

13. Share useful and rare content.

Try your best to find useful and rare material on the topic on which you have built a site that is not already available on any website and is not easily available in the markets. If you succeed in this endeavor, there is no reason the user should not visit your site.

14. Newsletters

The newsletter program you can add to your site with the help of your hosting company plays an important role in both web traffic and product promotion. But the user enters your email in the newsletter's name on your website in order to stay up to date with the new features and products added to your site.

To not only keep you informed of changes to your site but also to send emails to users to promote new products that are added to your site. We should take special care to ensure that your E-mail is not only tailored to the user's hometown but also contains short but concise words so that the user does not get bored and does not turn to these subscriptions.

15. Stay up to date and keep your readers up to date.

Always try to stay up to date with the information on your chosen topic. Assuming you have created a website for mobiles, keep in mind that the company has made a new discovery. Has anyone else added to the mobile models? Newly arrived mobile models are new to the market, and so on and so forth. And add them to your site. Keep yourself updated with the latest information on your chosen topic and keep your visitors up to date.


We hope you found this article helpful in learning how to drive traffic to your blog. Use these tips and tricks to get your blog ranking on the first page of Google. We hope you liked our article. Please share this article with your friends, family and colleagues to let them know these useful tips. If you have any query or suggestion related to our blog, please write it in the comments section. Thank you for reading our blog.

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