What are YouTube Tags the advantages and disadvantages?

Hello! my all readers. After titles, descriptions and hashtags, it's time for tags. I have already written articles on titles, descriptions and hashtags and I will mention these articles below. You can read them if you want. So in today's article I will talk to you in detail about YouTube video tags so if you read this article in full I hope you will get complete information about video tags and your YouTube You will be able to find the best tags for the video. And in this article I will explain how to put tags and also what are the disadvantages of putting wrong tags on your YouTube videos.

What are YouTube Tags - The Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Video Tags

Video tags are extremely important. They describe your video so that viewers can get a quick understanding of what your video is about. When you are successful on YouTube, these tags can be very important to your success. Video tags are words or phrases that you include in the tags portion of your video. They describe YouTube in your video.

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Tags on YouTube are what helps you find certain videos and are a key part of YouTube SEO. This makes tags important to YouTube content creators, but few people know what tags it suited for what videos. This blog will go over the best tags for YouTube for 2022.

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing site. It has now become a great platform for many content creators. Video tags, also known as YouTube tags, are words or phrases that describe YouTube about any video you upload. They help your video rank higher in the search engines and play a major role in getting more eyes on your video.

1. What are tags or video tags?

YouTube tags, also known as video tags, are words or phrases that describe YouTube about any video that makes it easier for YouTube to understand what is actually in your video. What it is and what category it belongs to, in simple terms, it tells YouTube about the race of any video. I considered tags an important element of YouTube's search algorithm. The explanation is that YouTube categorizes videos for the convenience of its users, and this categorization is possible with the help of tags, so tags are the lifeblood of every video.

2. Disadvantages of not including tags in YouTube videos.

It has become quite clear here that when we put tags, it actually helps YouTube to rate our videos. This means that it will be easier for those who search for anything on YouTube to search for videos. Now, if we don't tag our videos, then of course the disadvantage is that our video will not be rated, and if they do not rate it, then our video will not be in search. So keep in mind that it is very important for us to rate our videos.

Always put tags related to the topic. This is as important as everything else. The details are such that whenever we make a video on a single topic, then we always have to put tags related to that topic in our video. Like titles and descriptions, tags should always be words that are ranked (I will try to explain in the next article where the ranked titles, description hashtags and tags will come from).

3. Disadvantages of incorrect tags

When we work under someone in an organization or company, then we have to follow all the rules of that organization or company, so that the system can run better. But when a servant acts according to his own will and knows himself to be the best everywhere and adheres to some of the rules and does not abide by some, then the owners of the company or institution let that servant go. Go, brother, go and work where you can.

Similarly, YouTube is a company and the person who wants to earn money by working in this company should follow all the policies and rules of YouTube, otherwise YouTube is not a child that you will make a mistake and he does not know. It will work, so always do what YouTube tells you. Only then can you become a good and professional YouTuber. The implication is clear that when we write the wrong tags, what harm can we do? Some people copy the ranked tags and write them in their video just to get their video ranked, but it has two major disadvantages.

1. The first is that the category in which your video should be, and if it is not in that category, then the person who comes to your video and does not find the desired content in your video, then he will never be one of you again. Will also not watch or subscribe to the video. This way, you will temporarily take a few views, but lose your credibility forever. An example of this is if you made a video in which you explained how to install apps in mobile, and on the tags of this video you wrote how to install software in computer.

Now all he needs is a mobile phone, but if you show him a computer related video, he will run away and will not click on any of your videos again. Because, for the first time, you have lost your confidence. So always make sure that you make each of your videos honestly and that whatever is written on the title tags and description is in your video. In this way, you keep yourself clear in the eyes of YouTube and also in the eyes of users.

2. The other big disadvantage is that when YouTube finds out that this person is using the wrong tags in the process of ranking their videos, YouTube sends you a Community Guidelines Strike, which can ruin your channel.

4. Types of tags and how to write them

Now that we know the dangers of not putting tags, and the disadvantages of writing the wrong tags. Now it's important to know how to write tags and how we know which tags are best for our videos and where we get them from. The way to write tags is very simple, just like we write titles, but there are two types of tags that must be followed.

  1. Short tail tags
  2. Long tail tags

The definition of both is exactly the same as we read about the title. But short tail tags can contain only one word and a long tail can contain over three words. The method of writing tags is that first we will write our title in the tags, now that our title comprises two types of titles (long tail title and short tail title) then we need to first write the long tail title. Copy and put the first tag, then copy the short tail title and put it as the second tag.

Take special care of two things. The first is that the first and second tag of your video should be the title of your video, the advantage of which is that the percentage value of SEO increases. Second, we will not write in our tags the operator ( | ) we use between the long tail and short tail titles. Remember that there must be a space between the tags. We started no tags from any number or anywhere, in which case you are ruining the ranking of your own video.


Tags are important to the video optimization process. You should use tags that are relevant to people searching for the content of the video would use the video and that. This can increase the video's ranking in the search results and increase the number of views. It's important to use a variety of different tags so that people searching for different things can discover your video. Tags are also useful for helping you keep track of your videos.

When you use tags on your videos, you may remember what the video is about, which can help you decide whether you want to keep it. So, we hope this article has been helpful to you, and if you have any further questions about YouTube tags, please let us know. We are always happy to help! Thanks for reading.

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