What is Onic Sim card Pakistan? - Packages - Price - How to order Onic Sim online

ONIC SIM Pakistan is the first digital telecommunication service (Pakistan's first digital Telco), which provides us with high-speed internet, the fastest SIM activation, and much more, we have read many articles recently and we have seen many YouTube videos. Nowadays 😦 ONIC Sim is very popular in the market. People are taking a lot of interest in this brand-new telecommunication service.

ONIC Sim Pakistan - Packages - Price - How to order ONIC Sim online

And if I say that people always want something new then it will not be wrong at all. You all know that in this time of inflation in Pakistan every person wants constant and affordable internet connectivity. So you people's interest seeing that I thought that in this article I will provide you with all the information I have about the complete ONIC SIM Pakistan.

 So dive into the ocean of knowledge without wasting time. 

What is an ONIC SIM card in Pakistan?

In the last few days we have seen the name "#ONIC" appear on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok and on various social media sites claiming to be Pakistan's first digital telco.

ONIC SIM is the first telecommunication(Pakistan's first digital Telco) service launched in Pakistan which gives us high-speed internet and the fastest SIM activation. And if you see, ONIC SIM has recently entered the Pakistani market.

ONIC Sim Number Code

If you have considered this point, you will know that the serial numbers of all Onic SIM cards circulating in Pakistan start with 0339. This unique identifier helps manage and identify network services.

If it is seen that this company is giving good services and packages in the beginning then more ONIC sim serial numbers we can be seen in the future. And maybe in the future, you will be able to get the ONIC sim number of your choice but currently, there is no information about it.

ONIC Sim Packages

Now that ONIC SIM has been launched in Pakistan, we talk a little about its packages. Currently, as seen that its packages are available at a lower price than the rest of the network in Pakistan, We do not know whether its packages may be more or less in the future.

  • Testing 123 Plan Validity: 30 Days
  • 30GB Data
  • 500 Minutes (all networks)
  • 1000 SMS (all-networks)
  • Plan Price: Rs.123/-
  • Physical SIM Price: Free
  • Delivery: Free
  • Biometric Verification at the time of delivery: Free

Currently, one popular package seen by this company is this for 123 rupees you can activate it that too for one month only.

ONIC Sim Price In Pakistan

In Pakistan, this SIM will be free on online ordering, there are no charges to get the SIM, only you will have to pay 123 rupees to activate the ONIC sim package. Can't say anything in the future about whether there will be charges for getting this SIM or not.

How to buy an ONIC SIM card in Pakistan

So if you too were tired of expensive internet connectivity. So the time has come for you to order ONIC SIM Pakistan now from their official website. How to order I have given the complete procedure below, you have to read it carefully. So let's begin.

    1. Start Visiting ONIC Sim Pakistan Official Website. onic.pk
    2. Complete the given form on the Onic sim official website. Fill out the form with your current phone number and email address (remember these details).
      ONIC Sim Pakistan - Packages - Price - How to order ONIC Sim online
      Onic.pk Sign Up Form

    3. Patiently wait: It might take up to a week for you to receive an invitation link.
    4. Download the App: Once you get the invitation link, open it and download the ONIC app from your app store and Play store.
    5. App Setup: Launch the ONIC app and use the email address and phone number you registered with the ONIC Official website.
    6. Select Your Plan: Choose the plan that suits you best, ranging from free to 25K cost. It totally depends upon you.
    7. Payment: Make the payment of 123 Rupees and receive 30GB of data, 500 minutes of talk time, and 1000 SMS, and get your ONIC Sim Pakistan in your comfort home.
    8. Payment Options: You can conveniently pay through EasyPaisa, JazzCash, mobile apps, or debit/credit cards.
    9. SIM Order: After completing the payment, your SIM card will be processed for shipping to your given address☺️
    10. Receive Your SIM: Expect your SIM card to arrive at the address you provided within 3 to 4 working days.
    11. SIM Registration: No worries about registration - the rider brings a biometric device to facilitate the sim activation process.
    12. Scanning the SIM: Open the ONIC app and scan the barcode on the SIM card. If scanning isn't working, you can enter the barcode manually.
    13. Activation: Your SIM will be activated within 24 hours of scanning.
    14. Start Exploring: Get ready to enjoy this new journey with ONIC Pakistan!

How to download the Onic Sim Pakistan app

If you want to download the ONIC SIM Pakistan application then first you need to register on their official website then you will get an invitation link from the company to download this app. Click on the invitation link to download the application. As above I have explained the complete procedure with explanation.

 Important Points 
  • The app is accessible only to members residing in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad.
  • The app is accessible only on Android phones.
  • E-sim and Keep Your Number (Mobile Number Portability) are not available for now.
  • The email used for Onic sign-up and Google Play needs to be identical.
  • Only debit and credit card payments are valid during Beta version testing.

Final Words About ONIC Sim Pakistan

You all know that ONIC SIM is newly launched in the Pakistani market, so now it is in its initial stage and most of its information is not given even on its own website. So we have shared with you all the information that we have been able to collect from social media platforms and customer reviews.

So if you liked our article then you must share it with your friends. If you have any queries, you can ask us in the comment box. See you with a new interesting article till then Allah Hafiz.

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