7 Things to Do to Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Facebook is the world's number one social media platform. People from all over the world use Facebook for their social interactions. The Facebook platform provides a lot of opportunities for its users. From a business perspective, Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise your products, attract new audiences and reach out to your customers.

But it is also one of the most targeted social media platforms by hackers. A fraudulent hacker takes advantage of the several vulnerabilities in the Facebook platform to hack your accounts.

Did you know that the social media company Facebook spends millions of dollars to protect its website and people's IDs with the primary goal of protecting users' accounts from hacking? The company continues to take steps on its own. Yes, but some of these steps are the responsibility of the users themselves who are caught in this problem by their own hands.

The truth is that most Facebook users have no clue how to protect their Facebook accounts from being hacked. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we have made it easier for you. All you need is the right information. In this blog post, we have provided you with the ultimate solutions that you can use for protecting your Facebook account from being hacked.

    • Read the points below carefully and follow them.

1. Beware Of Facebook Fake Pages

One of the main ways to steal user information on Facebook is to create “fake pages”, which look exactly like the real Facebook page. Where we enter the Facebook account password, If someone has given you a link to a song or a website or any place and you open that link, that fake Facebook page will appear.

This will give you the option to enter your Facebook Gmail and password, and you will think maybe your Facebook ID is automatically logged out. As soon as you enter the password, your Facebook ID will be hacked because the password will go to the hacker, so never open such a link, even if you open it, do not enter the password.

2. Never Open A Fake Facebook Email

Anyone can send you an email with a Facebook name, as soon as you open the email. You will think this is an email sent by Facebook, you will be asked to change your Facebook password in the email. If you are asked to do so, you should know immediately that the email is fake. Someone is trying to hack your Facebook account.

    • So you can save your Facebook account by deleting this email at the same time.

3. Make Sure To Use Antivirus

This is a common way to hack your Facebook account, if your wifi or computer connection is shared with someone else then he can access your computer with some software and see everything. The only way to avoid this is to download the best antivirus.

4. Do Not Keep The Same Password For Every Social Media Account

This method convinces you to never put the mail and password that the user has entered in Facebook anywhere else, not only can your Facebook ID be hacked. Rather, the hacker can also misuse your information.

5. Never Keep A Simple Facebook Password

In this method the hacker uses a program, in this program hacker will enter many if not thousands of passwords, until he gets your Facebook password, he keeps trying his best, if you want to avoid this happening, don't keep the password simple.

6. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

If you haven’t yet enabled two-factor authentication on your Facebook account, this is the number one thing you can do to secure your account. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that helps to keep your account secure.

When you turn on two-factor authentication, a code will be sent to your phone every time you log in to Facebook on a new device or browser. These codes are unique and change with every login, so even if someone has your password, they can’t get into your account.

7.  Review Your Apps and Permissions

Review your apps and permissions to make sure there aren’t any suspicious apps with access to parts of your profile that you don’t remember granting access to. One of the most common ways for hackers to access a Facebook account is through a malicious app. These apps can damage your computer and phone, steal your personal information, and even post on your behalf.

Final Thoughts

In today's digital world, hacking is an all too common occurrence. It is important to take precautions to secure your accounts, especially your Facebook account. It's a sad truth that hackers are everywhere on the internet and are always trying to find new ways to gain access to your private information. And in today's day and age, when your Facebook account can be used to do just about anything, it's more important than ever to make sure that you are keeping it as secure as possible.

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