What is Deepfake? All About Deepfake Technology

We live in an era where anyone can create fake news and spread it to millions of people in a matter of seconds. This practice has been dubbed "Deepfake" and it has the potential to cause a lot of damage to the reputation of companies, politicians, and even celebrities.

What is Deepfake? All About Deepfake Technology

Deepfake is a popular term that you might have heard about in the news for the last couple of days. This technology can be used for many different purposes and this article will look at and discuss the basics of deepfake technology. Are you curious to know how deepfake technology works? Then continue reading.

1) What is deepfake?

Deepfake is a combination of the two words (deep learning) and (fake). It is a method used to create fake images, audio, and videos using artificial intelligence technology.

    • Deepfake refers to the ability to create highly realistic and compelling videos through advanced artificial intelligence. The tech is becoming so advanced that it is increasingly difficult to distinguish a fake video from a real one.

Despite the impressive results, the technology’s widespread use raises serious ethical concerns. The possibilities of deepfake technology truly are infinite, and it is up to us to decide how we use it.

2) Positive Uses of Deepfake Technology

There are also many positive uses of technology, such as companies and broadcasters using it in many ways, including reading the news and training their employees in different languages.

3) Negative Uses of Deepfake Technology

You all know that like every technology, there are also negative uses for it.
It is used to portray celebrities as actors in pornographic films or to make provocative and misleading statements by making videos of politicians. And by the time someone finds out they're fake, by then it is too late.

4) How people create videos and photos using Deepfake technology

Special computer software is used to create such fake videos, audio, or images that are equipped with deep learning and artificial intelligence technology. To make a deepfake video, the software has to provide a lot of information about the target person.

    1. such as how he looks
    2. how he speaks
    3. what his movements are like when he speaks to the other person.
    4. what he does in what situation, responds, etc.

After providing all the information about the target person, the software starts creating a video, audio, or image of your choice and the resulting content is closer to the reality. It is very difficult to know immediately if it is fake.

5) How to identify deepfake Videos?

It is a video that can make an actor or person appear to say or do something that the actor or person never said. And below I am going to share with you some points which you have to read carefully.

    1. Pay attention to the face. Advanced, deep fake manipulation is almost always a facial change. And if you look at the face carefully, you will know whether the video is original or fake.
    2. Pay attention to the cheeks and forehead. Does the skin of a target person look too smooth or too wrinkled? Is the hardness of the skin the same as the hardness of the hair and the eyes? Deepfake often leaves some flaws in videos so that we can tell if it is real or fake.
    3. Pay attention to the eyes and eyebrows. Do you see shadows in the places you would expect? Deepfake often fails to fully represent the natural physics of the scene. And we can take advantage of that failure to find out if this video is real or fake.
    4. Pay attention to the glasses. Is there any glow on the face? Is the face too dazzling? Does the glare of the face change when a person moves? Again, deepfake often fails to fully represent the natural physics of light.
    5. Pay attention to the person's facial hair or their hair lack thereof. Does the facial hair you see in the video look real? Deepfake can add or remove mustaches, sideburns, or beards. But remember, deepfake often cannot make facial hair changes completely natural and attractive.
    6. Pay attention to blinking. Does the person blink enough or too much? So if you see something like this in a video, you must understand that this video has been made using Deepfake.
    7. Pay attention to the size and color of the lips. Does the face shape and color of the person in the video really match the person's face? So if you notice a slight change in the face's color and the shape of the face, then this is also a sign of a video made with deepfake.

I hope that after reading these points you will be able to distinguish between real and fake videos.

6) What experts say about deepfake technology

Experts have been warning the world about this technology for a long time. He says that we have reached a point where it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between deepfake and real videos.

And experts believe that the time is not far off when this slight difference between them will disappear. And at this point, it will not be difficult, but impossible, to distinguish between fake and original video.

Final Words

Finally, I would like to say that this is a technology that we should know about, and how to identify its videos. I have also explained this to you in detail above. To avoid the negative effects of this technology, we need to make sure that we do not blindly believe anything until it is researched.

We hope you enjoyed this article about deepfake AI (Artificial intelligence). We are always excited to write about new technologies that are able to provide helpful information to our readers. Please keep reading our blog for more helpful information on new technologies and other topics of interest.

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