13 Things You Should Never Search on Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world and an estimated 63 thousand searches are made every second. Finding anything on the internet, and want information about anything in common life, people are turning to Google.

Google search is indeed a very useful tool. But there are some topics that should be avoided to search on Google, because their effects may be negative.

13 Things You Should Never Search on Google

The Internet is full of information that is readily available. With so much information out there, it's difficult to tell the difference between right and wrong. Things we may want to know, but sometimes they are not what we read on Google. So below we have made a list that you should avoid searching for these things on Google.

    1) Pressure cooker bombs' with 'backpacks

    In 2013, a Suffolk County man Googled "pressure cooker bombs" and "backpacks" from his work computer. Then the police showed up at his house.

      • The police determined the man was just curious, not criminal, but he probably regrets those searches to this day.

    2) Anything Criminal

    Ok, this one is serious. You may try to look up things like "how to kidnap someone" or "how to make amphetamines" out of pure interest. However, keep in mind that security and drug control services always track these kinds of searches, and your IP address can appear in such a database. You don't want to get in trouble because of your curiosity, of course. No!

    3) Symptoms of poor health

    You have sneezing which may result from a flu. But searching for it on Google can also result from a dangerous disease. If health really looks bad, then go to the doctor to find the cause instead of Google.

    Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but some people turn to it when they should turn to a doctor. It's a good idea to know that some information can be harmful when you need to get help fast. For example, when you search for your symptoms or illness, you may find information that is not correct, and it may prevent you from getting the treatment you need.

      • For example, some people try to treat their own heart attacks or diabetes without going to a doctor. But if you don’t know enough about your illness, you can make your condition worse, or even die. Also, there are some things Google will never show you.

    4) Things people have found in fast food

    People claim that they have got everything from hardware parts to chicken head in fast food. If you read these stories, the fun of eating out in the future will always prove to be a nightmare.

    5) What does Facebook know about us

    If you do a search and read articles, you find Facebook can make predictions. When will you get married, when will you have children, but many times Facebook will know this before you know it? Knowing this can also lead to mental restlessness or anxiety, so it is better to be unaware of it.

    6) Cancer

    Different types of cancer are spreading rapidly around the world, so there is a growing tendency to get information about them from Google, which is not a bad thing at all.

      • But never search for cancer on Google Images, as the many images you see can be heartbreaking.

    7) Such Content Which is embarrassing

    Google is the world's largest search engine and the largest advertising agency, so as related to what you search for may appear in front of you while surfing websites. Which may embarrass you in front of others.

    8) Translation

    If you want to translate from English to Urdu or from Urdu to English, avoid translating on Google search as it is more likely that the meaning of your sentence will change completely.

    9) Apps or software

    Searching on Google and downloading an app or software can also be dangerous as it may cause malware being installed on a computer or smartphone.

      • For this purpose, download mobile apps from Google Play Store or iOS App Store, while downloading software for computer only from sites that you are familiar with.

    10) Weight Loss Tips

    Body weight gain worries everyone, and that is why it is very common to search on Google to get rid of it, but it is better not to search for quick weight loss tips.

      • If you want to lose weight, consult a nutritionist or a similar specialist as it is not possible to lose weight fast and Google cannot help much in this regard.

    11) Your own Name

    Yes, really don't even search for your name on Google. Because there are some images that you may have deleted a long time ago, so don't waste time on it.

    12) Free anti-virus apps and software

    There are many fake antivirus apps and software on the internet and it is very difficult to find authentic ones. Most likely, you will install malware or viruses on the device.

    13) Bedbugs on mattress

    Speaking of bedbugs, if you ever want to sleep peacefully again, don't type these words into Google. It is possible that by searching these words on Google, you will see results you will never fall asleep again.

    Final Words

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      • Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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