How are frauds committed in Pakistan? Know and be careful

As the business grows, it is important to be aware of the fraud risks. The question is not just whether fraud can happen, but how it can happen. There are a plenty of ways in which frauds are committed in Pakistan and therefor we need to be more aware of the risks and make it impossible for such fraudsters to commit frauds in Pakistan.

How are frauds committed in Pakistan? Know and be careful

One of the challenges that the country of Pakistan faces is that it is going through a digital revolution. This means that people are more connected than ever with the internet and more importantly, each other. With an increase in the number of people that are connected, the possibility of frauds occurring also increases. This blog will look at some of the most common methods that Fraud used to gain information and money from innocent victims.

1. What are the common types of online fraud in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, as in the rest of the world, con man try to target people of all classes and ages. These novices use various tactics to rob people. News website ProPakistani in a report has described some of their tactics which by gaining awareness people can avoid falling into their clutches.

According to the report, con man tries to get personal information of the people and when this information gets into their hands, they carry out fraudulent activities using the identity of the person. Ehsaas communicates with the people by becoming an official of government projects like programs.

After contacting people, they try a variety of tactics. Sometimes he becomes a bank officer and says, “Your ATM card has been blocked. Contact a certain number to open it.” Your phone is not approved by PTA, pay for it to be approved, we will approve.
Con man becomes an army officer or an official of such security agencies and even tries to intimidate the people and snatch their identity and money from them. There are easy money and other online money transfer services of this nature in Pakistan. So even regarding them, the con man target the people. They contact people and say that they were sending money to one of their loved ones, whose message or code has come to your number by mistake, send us that message. This is seemingly harmless, but as soon as someone sends the message or code back to them, the money is transfer from that person's EasyPaisa or other account.

Apart from this, con man also extort money from people by tricking them into winning money in TV programs and lotteries. At first they entice people to win money and other prizes and when someone convinces them, then they tell them that you have to pay some money to get money or reward. To avoid any such fraud, do not reveal the PIN code and other personal details of your ATM or any online account.

If you come across any suspicious link, SMS or code etc. and someone calls and asks you to tell us about it, then don't tell him this code at all and don't send him back the message or link. Report and block the phone number from which con man is contacting you to your service provider (Ufone, Zong, Jazz, Telenor, PTCL) and if the company does not block this number, you can call PTA to block this number.


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