How To Make Money On ShutterStock For Beginners (2022)

Become A Professional Photographer. Shutterstock allows people from around the world to submit their work and create a portfolio of their photography. Once your portfolio has been accepted, you can earn money via various methods, including selling stock images, licensing rights, and royalties. It's a great opportunity if you're looking for something different from regular freelance work.

Sell Your Photos For Cash. If you want to sell your own photography, then this could be a great side business idea for you. The problem is that few people will pay for high-quality, professional photography, but these days even some free sites allow anyone to upload their own photos to share them online. One good website to sell your photos is Shutterstock. You can sell your work through their easy-to-use interface.

How To Make Money On ShutterStock For Beginners (2022)

Photography has become a popular hobby and many people are turning to it as a way to make some money as well. Shutterstock allows people from around the world to submit their work and create a portfolio of their photography. In this blog, we'll look at the process that goes into creating a successful portfolio.
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You don't have to be a professional photographer to feel the benefits of Shutterstock. You can submit your photos and let the world see your work, and you can make money from them if Shutterstock selected them. You can share your work with others and get feedback on your photography. And you can have your photos sold by people, corporations, and businesses of all sizes all over the world.

It seems that more and more individuals are becoming interested in photography. Whether it's for fun, as a way of making a profit, or as a way to build up their portfolio, photography is an activity that is becoming increasingly popular. It's also one that can be quite lucrative. But perhaps you're wondering how you can earn money from your photography. One of the most popular ways is to submit your photos to Shutterstock.

1. What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a company that provides professional photos, illustrations, and videos to businesses and marketers who want to create marketing materials or make their websites or products visually appealing. You can think of Shutterstock as a place where designers and photographers can share their work with people who need photos and videos to use on their websites or in print. Besides selling these assets, Shutterstock also provides image and video search, optimizes the images and videos, and provides digital rights management for those who need it.

If you are a photographer and want to make money off your photos, then you should definitely check out Shutterstock, one of the most popular websites for photography. Got a few awesome photos that you took on your phone? You can submit them to Shutterstock and start making money from them. They have millions of photos on their website, and they accept photos from all over the world.

You can submit photos in most categories and there are over 100 categories to choose from. The photographers who get their photos accepted earn a share of the money the photo sales generate, so you can make some decent money if you get your photos recognized. You can also give your photos a "watermark" on them so that no one else can steal and sell them as their own.

This is a great place to start if you want to get into the photography business because they have plenty of options for you to make money and you can start out easy and make a few dollars from the photos you take.

2. How to create a Shutterstock account

In this article, I'll walk you through the process of creating a Shutterstock account, the easiest way for you to get paid for your work. I would advise you to become a Shutterstock Contributor; this can be a great way to make money for your portfolio and gain experience and more work.

  1. First, you have to open any browser on your mobile/desktop and then you have to type Shutterstock contributor, and then you have to click on the search button.
  2. All you have to do is click on the first website that will appear in front of you.
  3. So now you have to click on the get started button.
  4. So after that, you will have a form open in which you have to enter your personal information like name, and email address, and then you have to solve the captcha below that I am a human. I'm not a robot. And then click the Next button.
  5. When you click on the Next button, a new page will open in front of you. It will tell you to verify your email address. Now has become your Shutterstock account.

3. A Beginner's Guide to Selling Photos on Shutterstock

Selling photos on Shutterstock isn't as simple as uploading a photo and making money. You'll need to consider several things when deciding whether to sell your photos in the marketplace. This guide will walk you through the process of becoming a professional photographer and selling photos on Shutterstock. We'll cover topics such as how to get started, what types of photos to submit, and even how to make money by selling pictures.

1. Set your price point
This is the first step that should be taken before starting any photography project. You need to know how much money you can make from this particular shoot before deciding whether you want to start at all. Do some research to find out what people are paying for images like those that you want to take. If you decide that the money isn't worth it for you, then don't feel discouraged; there's no shame in quitting while you're ahead. But if prices look reasonable, then proceed!

2. Take quality photos
The best way to sell your photos is to have high-quality ones. Make sure that they are great before submitting them on Shutterstock. but if you still want to submit low-res versions, do so only after getting permission from the owner of the website. This ensures that if anyone wants to buy your photo, they get exactly what they paid for.

3. Know your niche
With millions of images uploaded on Shutterstock each day, it's impossible to know where to start. Before diving into this exciting world of stock photography, figure out what kind of content you want to shoot. Do you prefer scenic landscapes? Or maybe you have a knack for capturing beautiful nature? Knowing what type of pictures you like to take will help narrow down your search.

4. Find and follow photographers
Once you've identified your style, look for other artists who share the same vision. You can find them through online communities, social media groups, and even at local events. Join these groups to learn from others, get inspiration, and build relationships along the way.

5. Take Your Time
The longer you spend taking pictures, the better your chances are of selling them. If you rush through your pictures, they’ll look like any other images out there. But if you take your time, carefully compose each shot, and capture the essence of what you want to capture, you’re going to stand out from the crowd.

6. Know Your Market
Before getting into the details about how to sell your photos, it’s first necessary to understand where these photos are going to be used. There are many ways people use photos online; whether this means posting them somewhere like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., or just sharing them through email. Knowing your market helps you build a strategy around how you’ll promote your work and what types of images make sense to include.

Some markets may prefer photos that have a clear focus, while others might appreciate something more abstract. Take the time to do research about the type of content that works best for each audience. For example, if you’re looking to post photos of products to help increase sales, your target market would likely be businesses that need to advertise their goods. However, if you’d rather let buyers find your business themselves, then a website with lots of pictures could benefit from your services.

4. How I Selected Photos for my first Shutterstock Pack

I've been working with photography for a while now. Since I started out, I have taken pictures of personal projects and even had an online portfolio on Shutterstock. I am always looking for ways to improve my skills, so I decided to use this opportunity to create a pack of 10 images for Shutterstock.

The selection process was pretty easy. I went through my garden and found some good shots that I liked. Then, I looked at what else I could find related to those images. From there, I capture the nature images for the Shutterstock portfolio.

My portfolio has been growing slowly but steadily over the past few months, and since I’m now a full-time blogger & YouTuber, it’s time to make some money off my work! However, this project was difficult at all–there are hundreds of thousands of images that can be used for free in any kind of photography project (even if they're just stock photos), and choosing just three of them to use as the basis for the image pack and then finding high-quality ones among those options was a challenge in itself.

And while I have a lot of confidence in my ability to find great sources through Google, Instagram, etc. I decided to give it a try on Shutterstock instead. After all, even though they sell royalty-free images, they provide a large variety of choices and their prices are really cheap compared to other stock photo sites.

So, here’s what I did: I started out by creating a list of keywords that describe my style and my projects. After a couple of days of brainstorming, I had about 50 words ready. Then I created a filter based on these keywords and applied it to the Shutterstock search engine. This way, I could narrow down the results so that only images matching the filters were shown.

Let me make it clear to you that you don't need a camera to upload photos to Shutterstock, you can make good quality images from your Android and iPhone to the upload Shutterstock website, and I take pictures from Android mobile, and then upload these pictures to the shutter stock, then the shutter stock team looks at my pictures and then my pictures are made public on the shutter stock,

5. How to Market Your Photos & Increase Exposure

Set up an account on each social platform where you plan to share your photos. Each platform has different features, but if you have access to all of them, use them to their full potential.

You have taken some amazing images you think are great shots! However, how do you get these images seen by others? More importantly, how can you increase exposure in your business? Follow along while I give you my tips on how to market your photos and increase exposure.

You have probably heard this before, but I'm going to say it again, anyway. The quality of your images can make or break the success of your photography business. Whether you are shooting landscapes, portraits, food, events, sports, or anything else, your work needs to stand out from the crowd!

Your pictures need to know that they are unique. If your images don't really grab attention, then nobody is going to want to keep looking at them! And if they aren't interesting enough, anyone who looks will not linger long enough to actually view your entire portfolio. So how do you get more exposure? Here are my top three tips.

1. Focus on your subject! Have you ever noticed that when you look at yourself in a mirror, you tend to focus on the nose? That's because our eyes naturally follow the light into focus. Try focusing on what you want to show the viewer and pay less attention to objects that you do not necessarily want them to notice.

Photos are easily some of the most fun aspects of the Shutterstock website. But like everything else, they require practice and skill. I’ve put together this list of tips that will help improve the exposure of your photographs on the Shutterstock website. These tips can range from subtle changes to heavy editing, but every change counts your hard work and how much time you spend capturing stunning photos for the Shutterstock website.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to become a professional photographer & make money by selling Your Video photos on Shutterstock. If you are looking for a way to make a living from your photography, we would like to invite you to submit your work to Shutterstock.

They are always on the lookout for new talented photographers and you can sign up for free at Shutterstock Contributor. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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