How to block a SIM card when my phone gets lost?

Mobile phone snatching and theft is a problem that is present in almost every developed and developing country in the world. In case of mobile phone snatching or theft, financial loss aside, if your SIM gets into the wrong hands, it can be even more harmful. Learn how to protect your SIM card and how to safeguard your private information by making it inaccessible to anyone who doesn't know your password.

How to block a SIM card when my phone gets lost? - Easy way to block mobile SIM

They issued the SIM card in your name and ID card number, but if it falls into the hands of a criminal person or group, then you can get involved in long legal issues.

When thieves take away your mobile phone, they really take away a lot of your personal information like your bank account details, personal photos and videos, contact list and tons more. Even if they don't know what they are doing, they could still be harmful. They can be used to clone your SIM card, call your contacts and send them phishing messages or harass them.

Mobile snatching is a common problem in Pakistan and if the SIM card gets into the wrong hands can be extremely harmful. In our country, we have had instances where someone else has used the same phone number to carry out more crimes. Sometimes, there have been instances where the victim of the phone snatching has been extorted. Let's take a look at how you can make sure that you protect yourself from such a situation.

1. How to check a SIM registered in your name
This is a very important topic to talk about. With the rise of mobile phone snatching and theft, it is always better to know a few handy ways to check how many SIM registered your name. So, how can you check a SIM registered in your name?

1st Method
First, find out the number of SIMs registered on your ID card number

How to block a SIM card when my phone gets lost? - Easy way to block mobile SIM
    1. First of all, you have to open any browser on your mobile.
    2. And then you have to do this search and then click on the search button.
    3. And then there will be a box show in front of you in which you have to enter your National Identity Card number. Enter the number, as I gave you the example below. (Example: 6110123456789)
    4. After writing down your National Identity Card number, you now have to prove below that you are a human being, not a robot.
    5. And then you have to click the on submit button.
    6. So after loading for a while, you will get full details of how many SIMs are registered on your National Identity Card number.
2nd Method
    1. Go to message in your mobile
    2. Enter your 13-digit national ID card number without (hyphen)
    3. Send this message to 668
    4. In reply SMS they will provide you with the number of registered SIMs along with the names of the companies

2. How to block SIM card with the helpline
Your mobile number is the key to your digital identity. Once you have lost your mobile phone and your SIM card, you need to block your SIM card and mobile number than soon as you can. You can block your mobile number by contacting customer care of your mobile service provider.

    1. Call the helpline
    2. Explain your problem to the call center representative and ask him to block the SIM
    3. Remember that many telecom companies send duplicate SIMs home with no additional charges.

We hope this blog post has helped you determine the best way to protect your mobile phone SIM card. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the security of your mobile phone, you can contact your SIM provider company for more information. So please contact us anytime on Instagram if you have any other conversations. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on such a topic!

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