How to trade on Binance - Different Types of Trading Strategies

Hello friends, today I will tell you in this article how you can trade in Binance. If you also want to trade in Binance, then you have to read this article in full.will trade, so let's start the article.

How to trade on Binance - Different Types of Trading Strategies
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There are two main types of trading:

  • Forex trading
  • Crypto trading

There are also two types of
cryptocurrency trading

  • Future trading
  • Spot trading

Forex trading and futures trading are the same thing, and people suffer from them.

What causes the damage?

Let's understand from this example If you want to buy an apple and the price of apple is 100 rupees per kg when you have only 10 rupees then if you buy these 10 rupees apples then you get 100 grams of apples then if you want this apple can be given to someone Give a gift or buy 10 and sell it to someone for 15 rupees. This is spot trading. Now if you are greedy and you want to get only 1 kg of apples in these 10 rupees, then the remaining 90 rupees lender lends you to buy 1 kg of apples from me.This is futures trading

Now how does it hurt? If you get Apple at Rs 10 per kg, but if Apple's price goes up to Rs 95 per kg, then the exchanger will give you a margin call that the price has gone down. Invest money. If you invest no more money in it, then as soon as Apple's price comes to 90 rupees, the exchanger will take back your 90 rupees and the total price was 100 rupees.He also takes back his money, then the price has gone up.The exchanger got back his 90 rupees.

Now if you speculate that the price of Apple goes from Rs.100 to Rs.120 per kg, then if you sell Apple, you get The remaining 20 rupees were profited
And then people share a screenshot of the profit that I made 3% of my money in 1 day and then many people think he made 3% of the money, so why should I stay behind?

What happens now is that millions of people come in with Rs.10 Then they have to give to the exchanger so they pump and dump the market by themselves in such a way that the trader becomes liquidated.
An example of this is Two & Three months ago when the bitcoin was at 39000 and all the news and analyzes were down, people traded the bet on high leverage and then in one day the bitcoin jumped from 39000 to 48000.

On all other exchanges, the bitcoin was at 40,000, but the balance was 48,000 because if he had made a price contest, he would not have had as much as he had to pay.

Spot trading is the best of them all

Spot trading is best because it does not have a balance of 0 and the traders who sell or buy in it do it among themselves. The exchanger only charges a fee.
Future trading is a gambling, so just do spot trading. If the price goes down, then as soon as you are up, you will be profitable, ie there will be no loss, just wait.

Conclusion Sentence

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like to read similar articles in the future, stay tuned to my web, and leave your valuable feedback in the comment box. Thank you.

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