How to improve image quality on WhatsApp iPhone

Hello Everyone ☺️When we send photos to others on WhatsApp, their quality becomes a small amount poor. However, there's a maneuver you'll be able to used to boost the standard of pictures sent to others. Nowadays I will tell you, the standard of the photos sent on WhatsApp is poor because of WhatsApp mechanically 'compresses' your photos and videos that make them smaller.

How to improve image quality on WhatsApp | How to send full quality pictures on WhatsApp iPhone

WhatsApp has many functions for reducing file size through pressure pictures and videos? In this manner, the user spends less net conjointly. The} file is sent and received quicker and also takes up less house within the user's. phone, however, within the method, once the photos and videos are compressed, their quality is additionally affected. Is. you'll be able to forestall the standard of your photos and videos from deteriorating by blocking this method of WhatsApp.

 IPhone users

To prevent iPhone users from victimization WhatsApp to compress photos and videos, choose the icon or video you would like and attend the share choices and choose 'Save To Files'. you'll realize the Save two Files possibility at the terribly bottom of the image settings. Then attend WhatsApp and open the chat and fix the specified video or icon by choosing the document to connect the media. In this manner, WhatsApp won't compress it and its quality won't be affected

 Android users

Android users will rename their image by writing .pdf at the tip and put it aside doubly and currently attach this file and send it to a different person. This can enable WhatsApp to look at the image as a document and not compress it. Once this file is received by another person, he can edit his name doubly, remove the .pdf written at the tip and put it aside once more by writing .jpg and this file are coming back to the image format.

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